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Accessory Pack Male & Female

Accessory Pack Male & Female

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Pack Includes:

  • 6 Herbs Nourishing Shampoo (400ml) $29.95 X 1
  • Aushair Tonic Applicator $35 X 1
  • Aushair Large Peach Wood Comb (18cm) $20 X 1
  • Aushair Small Peach Wood Comb (10cm) $10 X 1




Shampoo: Washing hair at least every two days is recommended.

How to Apply Tonic:

  1. Comb for 3-5 minutes with your Large Peach Wood Comb to increase blood flow to the scalp before applying the tonic.
  2. Open the top of the Aushair Tonic Applicator, fill with the Aushair Hair Tonic slowly until you can see it reach the 5 ml mark, indicated when the tonic level lies in between the two marked circles on the Applicator.
  3. Tap the Aushair Tonic Applicator onto the thinning area a few times keeping the Applicator horizontal to your scalp, allowing the tonic to drip out. Then comb hair for a few strokes and return to tapping. Repeat this process alternating between tapping and combing until all the tonic has been used. See Booklet enclosed page 22 and 23.

Small Comb: Keep the Small Comb in your handbag or pocket. Comb your hair regularly when you have time in order to increase blood flow to the scalp

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