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The Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic Treatment’s highlights

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Today, the revolutionary Hair and Scalp Treatment at the Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic is renowned as the most powerful and effective treatment for hair loss recovery and treatment. This treatment at our clinic in Chadstone, Victoria, employs a Multi-Therapeutic treatment regime that is herbal in nature.

At Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic, Chadstone, Victoria, we offer a free consultation. To have your free consultation, you are required to fill in the form by answering a few questions related to this video:

The free consultation consists of a thorough analysis of one’s scalp for any underlying condition. The analysis is carried out using our Computerised hair and scalp analysis facilities in our clinic. On completing the treatment, the results will be explained to you. If an underlying problem is diagnosed during the analysis, a suitable hair recovery program is recommended from either of the following:

  • 2 Months treatment experiment
  • 8 Month herbal follicular activation.

In addition, those who have already completed either of the above treatment courses can opt for these two treatments

  • 8 month Half Dosage Maintenance Programs
  • 8 month Half Dosage Maintenance Programs

In order to prolong the benefits.

Importance of Before-After Photos

Before proceeding with the treatment, we take “before” photos. In addition to keeping a record, the importance of taking a photo before the treatment and one after, lies in the fact that while major hair regrowth, over a period of time, is quite prevalent, minor hair regrowth over a shorter period, such as with our two months programs, is sometimes not as easily noticeable . Not finding recognizable hair regrowth over the affected area is bound to make any individual a bit sceptical. Therefore, we keep our patient’s before and after photos, to clearly show them the positive results. A good example is what happened with Mr SZG:



Here is what Mr SZG had to say,

“At first, I was very unhappy with the results from The Australian hair & scalp clinic after the 2 months treatment… But… when I compared my after photos with before photos my reaction changes altogether. My hair loss not only stopped in-fact I had grown a substantial amount of hair.”

About Australian hair & scalp clinic

The revolutionary Multi-Therapeutic Hair and Scalp Treatment at the Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic is recognized as the most powerful hair-enhancing program in the world. With over 40 years of continued research and development, great global success with 2300 plus hair & scalp clinics, 13 international awards for products and services, you can be confident that you are using the best hair loss and recovery system currently available.

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