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4 Myths and Misconceptions about Hair Loss Vs Actual Facts

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Lots of knowledge passed down, over the ages about hair loss can help us in treating this condition. However, it seldom does, rather it deprives us from the actual information, blurring them in the cocoon of myths and old man’s tales. Myths that are profound enough–thanks to strong stories passed down through generations and end up being eventually accepted as a fact.

Well, it is easy for those myths to be accepted because of their closer association with common sense rather than end results.

 Let us try to bust 4 common myths which tend to be the most popular:

1. Lack of protein is causing me Hair Loss

As I said before, “based more on common sense than the actual facts”. Yes, hairs are made up of ‘keratin’, a type of protein, and a lack of protein should thin them. But in real life this is seldom an issue, as people normally consume more than enough protein in their daily diet. Thus, hair fall can occur due to lack of protein but this is not a very common situation, unless you were suffering from an ailment.

Therefore, before rushing to buy protein rich foods, it is important to consider other factors that may cause hair fall.

2. Only Men Experience Hair Loss

Have a quick glimpse, onto the various hair loss products being marketed on TV, in print or online these days, and you’ll be convinced that hair loss is a male specific problem.

However, this analysis is far from truth, and studies have shown that there are considerable number of women who also suffer from hair loss; with some 55% of Australian women experiencing it at certain stages of their lives.

The causes of hair loss are usually different for men and women and therefore the treatment for these two conditions may vary.

Although not as potent as the male pattern baldness, female pattern hair loss is not a rare condition either.

3. Shampooing Too Often Leads to Hair Loss

Yet another, interesting old man’s tale that is far from the truth.

Truth to be told, washing hair is just like combing–an indicator that actually makes people more aware of the hairs they’re losing, rather than making them fall out as the myths indicate.

4. Hair Loss happens only after 40

Hair fall is an everyday activity that can happen to anyone irrespective of age, sex, and climate. Yes, baldness normally do occurs after 40, especially patterned baldness; however, this isn’t an universal truth and there are many exceptions to it–it could be me, you or anyone. This myth-buster is evident from many facts where young people–less than 40–some even in their 20s and 30s–have shown considerable signs of the hereditary hair loss much earlier than previously speculated..

Nonetheless, most men experience a shift in the hair line during their 20s, which should not be necessarily seen as the first sign of hair loss. This shifting is a sign of aging in male’s, and there isn’t much to concern about it.

Myths Busted

So, those were 4 hair loss myths that got busted. However, this is by no means an exhaustive list; there are still plenty of those myths–out there–still floating around.

When it comes to hair loss, the only way to go beyond the rumours and old men tales is to consult a professional!

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