Hair Loss Treatment Gold Coast

Gold Coast is indeed the best place to live in Australia, not so much for your hair though. Sandy beaches, high moisture in air, bright sunlight, and salty water ultimately take a toll on your hair. No doubt, hair loss in Gold Coast is a common problem. Another problem is while in the rest of Australia hair loss starts to occur late, hair loss in Gold Coast is a common problem among youths and those in their early forties. Losing hair in 30s can be quite stressful. Even if your hairline is receding, you’ll look older than your age.

Don’t let that happen with you. Get over to Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic for hair loss treatment in Gold Coast. We offer free scalp analyses and hair loss consultation at our hair loss treatment clinic in Gold Coast. We will analyse your scalp for any underlying condition. And based on the results and if required, we will recommend to you a suitable hair regrowth treatment program.

For hair loss treatment in Gold Coast, we rely on a non-obtrusive process called Herbal Follicular Activation (HFA), a hair miniaturisation inhibitor.

Herbal Follicular Activation is very effective to stop abnormal/excessive hair loss as well as to regrow lost hair. This hair loss treatment method in Gold Coast, by employing a number of herbal methods and medications, creates a perfect environment for hair regrowth. HFA inhibits DHT accumulation and nourishes hair follicles. Furthermore, it reverses the process of miniaturisation.

Hair and scalp treatment at Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic is prominent as the most potent, effective hair loss treatment in Gold Coast. Our multi-therapeutic treatment regime is herbal in nature and doesn’t cause any side effects.

Trust us! With over 40 years of continued research and development, great global success with 2300 plus hair & scalp clinics, 13 international awards for products and services, you can be confident that you are using the best hair loss and recovery program that’s available in Gold Coast. Our treatment is non-obstructive in nature.

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